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Dr. Mikel González

Engineer (University of Deusto, 2001) and PhD in Economics (University of the Basque Country, 2006).

His main interests are in the fields Environmental and Natural Resource Economics. He is an expert in economic modelling of climate change and energy policies.

He has been visiting scholar at University of Wageningen (The Netherlands) and Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico). He is also lecturer at the University of the Basque Country (Bilbao, Spain).

He is author of several articles. His output also includes a book (“El impacto economico del control del cambio climático en España”) and the edition of several journal issues.

He is one of the authors (within MªC. Gallastegui´s group) of the report: “El cambio climático en España: Estado de situación” for the Spanish Prime Minister.

He has carried out consultancy projects for public and private institution and participated in several European research projects.

He is being awarded with the Enrique Fuentes Quintana prize (FUNCAS, 2006) in the field of Applied Economics.

He is a member of the Spanish Association for Energy Economics.